Im attracted to men and im not ashamed of it..

Im attracted to men and im not ashamed of it..

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Its a sad pathetic club. At least now u know u are not alone.


in the quest of looking good in short shorts, tank tops, muscle tees, g-strings (my personal non favourite), speedos, cycling shorts, topless and stuff we constantly push our limits at the gym and pool
notice that i didnt mention field? thats because most of us like to look at soccer players in short shorts rather than playing the sport...disagree??? :P) 

to look all nice, muscular, juicy and get the blood pumping at the expandable muscles..

on a positive note, we end up feeling more confident about the way we look and manage to land a few (or more) glances from others. >>depending on our types..if its glances from a non type, its a totally different story..but thats a whole different post.

but consider this, the more attractive a man looks, my preference being manly and muscly, the easier for other men to get attracted to simply feel lusty and........HORNY

i dont know about others but i seem to have been restricted to two extremes. 

>>1. ONS that leads to a really fantastic time 
>>2. best conversation with someone and it turns out to be sexless...

what the hell right? maybe its true.

people who end up being friends dont fu*k each other and we cant really be friends with those we are sexually attracted to..

or maybe...

errrr....before u guys go to be all judgemental one me, i have a small confession to make.

i have never been in a relationship before. i know, i know its kinda pathetic...

i often find myself telling the following 'excuses' for that:

1. i havent found the right person yet

2. the ones i am friends with, i dont get sexually aroused to them, the ones which get my juices flowing, we dont end up being friends afterwards

3. i undecided if  i want to be with a man because: man>>no vagina>>no kids. plus it would totally freak my mother out. even though at my age and never having a girlfriend should ring some alarm for her..guess what it DIDNT

4. maybe im not relationship material

5. worse, maybe im a loner who feels most comfortable when im by myself

6. afraid of commitments?? err but ive never been in how do i tell?

i can go on and on but the fact remains. no relationship and so the dilemma speaks for itself. 

i think its weird that some guys fall head over heels for guys they barely know...remember the drama queen scenario??

well who am i to judge? falling head over heels could pobably work for some while for me i just think its too good to be true. falling head over penis or ass makes more sense i think.

on a rather sad and pathetic note, at times the longingness does play the devils advocate. it keeps whispering in my ears, wouldnt it be so much nicer to have someone to come back home to, have dinner together, sit / lay on the couch watching a movie or reading a magazine and pretending to fall asleep just to lure him to bed for some serious molestation??

i think many share the same sentiment (more like a fantasy) as me. 

for those who has the balls to admit that they are gay and brave enough to take the chances with a man, i salute u..

for those whose balls are being squeezed by the family and make it impossible for u to like or even consider the possibilities the same sex, i say, welcome to my club...
u know sometimes i just wish a wizard would come and make me like vaginas and a female body that would prevent me from complemplating and asking myself: TO BE OR NOT TO BE? 

well its a sad pathetic club. at least now u know u are not alone.
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