Im attracted to men and im not ashamed of it..

Im attracted to men and im not ashamed of it..

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Gay Sauna Anyone? Part 2

It could have easily been the longest 3pm on a typical weekend..the question of to go or not to go was like a snooze alarm going off every 5 minutes to the point of having stomach cramp..

So why this nervousness in the first place..the reasons are probably the ones that are already in so many young guy’s mind who are discreet, scared and confused. It can vary from the panic of bumping into a friend at the sauna or worse relative, police raid, being self conscious to get naked in front of people (by the way that almost never happens folks!!, I burst your fantasy bubble just like mine was crushed) or getting some unwanted diseases.

In my case, I went a little ahead of the above reasons..i was afraid of getting raped. Yes, I was worried about that.

Then the reality set it, I took a deep breath and got into my car for the 3pm appointment at my friend’s condo…

I have already researched about the saunas in kl in the website..kakiku, senses, mandi manda, chakran, otot otot, these words are no longer meaningless phrases now. I told my friend that I wanted to go for both sauna and massage and my friend suggested Senses, located at Brickfields…

Brickfields??? I asked him with a slight shock. He said, yes bro…anything wrong? No nothing bro.

At the back of my mind: Dude, of all the places, u had to choose brickfields where it is just a stone throw away from little India where id be exposed and people can see me?? But it didn’t matter..i have already made up my mind to go tonight and get devirginized..

So we went into the sauna located at the second floor of this building..i opened the door and there was this middle aged man sitting at the counter..maybe not counter..more like a small front desk..he was not at all hot..err I mean friendly…

You guys know the term being friendly, he was the exact opposite of it…and he was not there goes another fantasy that these places would be jam packed with ridiculously hot guys clad only in their underwear..

We were given a key to our locker and we went there to change…gosh!! I was so nervous..for the first time im stripping in front of public in the open…I did it really quickly and put on a towel…

Then the reality again set in through my nervousness..i look around and asked myself what am I doing here, what have I done??

I call it the standard typical response..the GUILT..the same thing we feel after ejaculating.........self sex or not..then, i went into the shower with my friend and ACTION!!!

Well not really…ive known this guy for years so all we did was to moan in the shower to irritate the others outside. Then I noticed that this damn place is full of middle aged men with pot belly, untrimmed body hair ( u know where!!) and they just go round and round in circles not making the first move..

Well maybe they are also very self conscious and afraid of being rejected…they just look and stand there..and they don’t get my juices the fantasy of all the magic happening in the sauna was not there..

I suggested to my friend that we go for the massage first..and he was a blind massage but the masseur is not that blind afterall…we both chose malay masseur and mine turned out to be quite least now im getting lucky..or I thought I was …

You know the moment where you are on the table and naked and just wish the masseur would take u off your feet and tingle every sensation in your body, I was physically and mentally prepared for that kinda he was cute..he touched me and something became STONE

And then I thought to myself…I would be so irrisistable to you now that u are going to lick every inch of my body and beg to suck it dry…then this thought was followed by a very evil laugh in my mind…

To recap: touch>>stone>>rub rub >>lick lick >>suck suck…the anticipation was getting too overwhelming, more so with the passing minutes from 5 minutes to 10 and 15..what the hell….??

Turns out my masseur was a straight married man! CRAP! How did I know this, instead of taking me off my feet, we started to asking me about him, him about me and we became friends.. STUPID ME!!! So that means my ‘complimentary’ urut batin (or what I expected in my mind) is not going to happen..

Friends don’t fuck each other..STUPID RULE!! The highlight of the massage was him complimenting my magnificent ass…makes me wonder if he is really blind in the first place…

After a truly invigorating total body massage (he was really good at massaging and totally sucked at the sex part) I was determined! I am going back to the steam room and im going to do some slutty things!!

I went back, my nerves we much calmer and seeing men in towel excited me…and something became stone again.!!!

Now that I am much calmer, I must have looked really inviting..there were many guys eyeing and rubbing me all this is what im talking about!!!

Although they are not really my taste..i let them be…hell ya I enjoyed it immensely..there was this middle aged man who jerked me off in the steam room but he wasn’t expecting anything in return..

Or maybe he was and I just walked away coz on the top of my mind, I was going: WHAT THE HELL HAVE I DONE?? A STANDARD TYPICAL FEELING..THE GUILT!

p.s: i dont seem to be able to upload any!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Gay Sauna Anyone? Part 1

one fine day a few months ago, i woke up to a saturday morning and had a thought.....what if i went to a sauna today??..

suddenly there was a rush of blood in my body..and a strange nervousness..i have always been reserved about gay saunas. i always thought that saunas are places where people have orgies and bareback sex. i was so reserved that i even shunned down people who suggested, talked about it and at some point told me that they have been to a sauna before.

so it was a strange feeling to have on a saturday feel the urge to go for one when i have always been judgemental about it..

so i text my friend and said:
"Hey bro, what are you doing today?"
"Nothing specifically, Adam is here and will go out soon.."
"Adam, whos Adam, your flavour of the day??"
"Sheeshhh, no bro, Ive known Adam for many years. he was studying in the US and when hes on a break, he would come over and stay here for a few days before going to his hometown since he has lotsa privacy here"
"Oh, okay..would u mind if i came over to your condo for a swim?"
"Sure, just come me half hour before, just in case i was at big sister's place"
"thanks man....errr but i dont have a trunk, can i just wear shorts at the pool?"
"its okay, u can use mine, we are about the same size.."

suddenly, the idea of wearing his trunk in a pool and in public gave me an instant hardon..

"thanks bro, very nice of u wanna go massage after swim?"
"ok, why not? where do u want to go?"
"anything close to your place...would there be any hanky panky going around during the massage??"
"depends, if you want to"
"how about sauna? have u been to sauna?"
"what do u have in mind bro?"
"i feel like going to massage and sauna today"
"thats unusual and very adventurous of you..why the sudden change?"
"i dont know bro, getting older and everyone asking me about marriage..i just feel like life's too short and if i dont try, ill never know what it is about and if i actually like it"
"thats true, so what time do u think youll be here?"
"im thinking, around 3 pm..ill buzz you when im there"
"see u then bro.."


p.s: no pictures this time, because the freaking blogger doesnt allow any pictures to be poseted!!
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