Im attracted to men and im not ashamed of it..

Im attracted to men and im not ashamed of it..

Monday, February 28, 2011

Chicken Soup for the Soul Anyone?

chick>>chicken>>soup>>chicken soup for the soul..

years of contemplating the sentence often mentioned here and there in the FRIENDS series, and yet i dont seem to understand what it really means.

im a little lost in determining what it really is. top of my mind i wonder if....

it is a concept? 

a way of explaining the intricate web of good versus evil, karma, or the way of making / cheering oneself up oneself when everything is falling apart..

obviously by now im sure that we are very much aware that i havent read that book...RIGGGHHHTTTT...

from what i gather or assume more precisely, i think it is a book that compiles truck load of feel good, goody goody stories that is supposed to make us feel good, because in a weird way chicken soup is supposed to make us us feel better when we are sick..

ermmm i wonder how vegetarians feel about this...a quick stew of soy chicken anyone??.....blueekkk..

if it is for me to decide, why just limit the chicken soup for the soul...


now now, i know this the moment where im supposed to write something slutty and borderline NO not going to do that!! (maybe, save that for later... whoopsss!)

one of the movies which left a lasting impact on me recently would be Shelter. it was a story about a confused boy, another boy who is persistent in pursuing the confused boy, being his pillar of support and a happy ending ...

not being a fan of happy ending myself, i was glad that the movie didnt end on that note ..instead the story ended on a positive note. 

what impressed me about the confused boy is that he did not resort to taking advantage over the hot chick and call that figuring out his sexuality even when the girl made advances on him.

another interesting part of the movie is the fact that those two boys were friends first become becoming an item. so they do share a common interest, chemistry and a lifestyle together instead of being a gang bang action...

more than that, what really impressed me is the fact that the confused boy was so bold about his sexuality with his family. never mind that he had a lousy sister and way hopeless father...but isnt that awesome...?

perhaps the fact that the boy came from a dysfunctional family actually eased his coming out >>because no one really cared???

as opposed to closely knot asian family where even a fart is well established in the entire household?

on a not so positive note, this year my mom has started to talk about my marriage and its getting more confusing by the days...

should i get married and call it figuring it all out and call it quits after two kids...??

i think i can hear one word that is probably going through the mind of u guys: BASTARD!

for what its worth i dont have the balls to even admit to my family that i need time to decide what i really want in my life right now and for my future: SAUSAGE or TUNNEL...

god, why is it so difficult for me?? 

so in the meantime, CHICKEN SOUP FOR THE SOUL ANYONE? 

Thursday, February 24, 2011

I Need A Shaun

What can i say, i could really use a Shaun right now.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

There Are Lots of Very Muscular, Attractive Older Men Whose Status Say They Are Single And That Scares The Shit Out Of Me

just when i thought ive found that someone>>>BANG! that goes to hell...!

apparently my so called crush of the month has verbal diarrhea. the implication of that is inability to contain information, details, thoughts and issues within. the uncontrollable pressure erupts in the form of gossip with other gossipers!

seriously guys, men who gossip???>>>Fu8king disgusting...!

well, on a more celebratory note, i have hit 5 digits and feeling pretty awesome today. the fact that there are people who enjoy my blog is orgasmic.

i know i know, its not 7 or 8 digits..but it feels orgasmic nonetheless!!!

is it possible that mid life crisis comes earlier for some people..say like 20 years earlier?

its just that lately ive not been able to tell exactly what i want to do with my life, my career move, short term and long term plans, where i see myself in the next 5 years....

it has lately become hazy..i dont know why..

my days are getting mundane and routine. i think i need an intervention. do something that is exciting and out of the box. maybe quit my job, find something that im passionate about, travel, fall in love...

ever thought of just driving aimlessly in the car....yes, thats what im feeling right now....

i think i need to make more friends...and by friends i mean people that i enjoy talking with, spending time with without necessarily seeing them naked.


what if i dont know how to do that..?

i notice from manjam and planetromeo that there are lots of very muscular, attractive older men whose status say they are single and that scares the shit out of me..

i dont want to end up like that!!

sad little life....

i need HELP!


My orgasmic shots anyone??:

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Maybe He is Just a Really Friendly and Good Rerson or Maybe He is Just That Into Me..How Do I Tell??

 sometimes when we get acquainted with someone, we can barely stand them.

we find their jokes irritating, nonsensical and can barely be in the same room..

then after a few months we find them cute but have nothing in common and we do everything we can to get on each other's nerve. 

after a year, even though we are still very much keen on getting into each other's nerves, we slowly find ways to get into each other's nerves in a funny way.

something that goes from: I HATE U BITCH, U DIE!!! 
to: HATE U BITCH!!!, with a really big grin on the face

see the transition?

from not being able to stand him anymore to, if i dont irritate u a day, it feels incomplete...

after that, just when u think that u like him, he says something that makes you so freaking angry and want to cut all ties with him....

no matter how much u ignore him afterwards and try to embarass him, he always comes back with a way that u can help but to it a gesture, a joke, a wink, sexual smile...anything that goes that u just cant conceal the smile within...

whats worse, he keeps doing this until u eventually give in...even if it means scolding the crap out of him...

he is that persistant..

he always knows what to say to make u smile when u have a shitty day. something that u can always rethink and would make u smile again and again...

he is someone you get to be yourself, get to fool around with and yet he still knows how to cheer u up.

before you know it, u cant help to feel how cute, handsome, funny and irresistable he is,,and seriously cant help it

slowly, he reveals his layers....without even trying..

he shows how passionate he is about helping the unfortunate, collecting donation for the orphans, helping out a friend and handicapped, leading a blood donation drive, arranging for tuition classes for poor students, taking the extra step to ensure that the donated food reaches the children properly and so on>>tip of the iceberg

he calls occasionally to check on you after tragic event, not like some other assholes who pretend to check on you just to enroll u in a stupid seminar.....

so it is very confusing when someone who is so irritating slowly morphes into someone who is............

who is so attractive..

when and how it happened i do not know..

is he gay??

he one of those funny, friendly guys who gets away with saying anything from factual to porny...

gets away shaking his butt in the office just to win an argument, wears coloured contact lenses and tight pants...

what does mean when he has asked me about my sexuality on numerous counts?

how about hinting that he shaves his pubes?
or even that he has 7 inches!!

>>> The things i have to go through daily at work!

is he giving me hints or am i just too ignorant...>>the correct word being stupid to respond to the signals..

well the last few months have been trying and he has been around through the thick and thins...

maybe he is just a really friendly and good person
or maybe he is just that much interested in me...

how do i tell for sure??

Friday, February 11, 2011

Butter Anyone??

1. gorgeous, fabulous, awesome, fantastic

2. muscles, fashion, effeminate, girly, shy

3. confident, macho, rough, manly

4. nasty, burly, alpha male, couldnt care less

5. alex karev, kurt, cristina yang, miranda bailey, 

to a certain extend, we cannot deny that men are expected to be a little nasty. not only that it gives us the sex appeal, that is what generally expected by someone who has penis>>to be the opposite of the gender without it. 

not that nasty is an acquired taste or something, its just that the nastiness>> manly characteristics so to speak, evokes the sense of being in charge (DENY IT ALL U WANT GUYS, but no one would be impressed with a softy boss, prime minister, father, brother, and life partner...if u insist, might want to consider discontinue reading and have a good sleep because there isnt a cure for denial)

the confidence exuded, make people anticipate in a manly man's opinion and seeking out for the manly man's approval in unfortunately and undeniably a characteristics for sexiness.

not just to women but to men who like men alike.
out of all the words at the first 5 lines above how many do we want to use to describe our ideal men??

its facts of life.

the question is why are they so attractive in the first place? simple we need an emotionally stable man to lean on. 

to make us strong, to lead us. 

as creative, fashionable, having perfect skin and even musically talented, how many of us are attracted to Kurt from Glee?

as rude, not so perfect looking, back stabbing and opportunist as Alex Karev, dont we find him attarctive?>>WORSE some even secretly aspire to be like him..

take Cristina Yang or Miranda Bailey for instance, i would choose these two at anny times over Meredith Grey to be my wife....without having to think twice..

am i CRAZY?

certainly im not. these two are confident, career oriented, opinionated and independent individual. at any time they would challenge me, push me to my limits and be on par with my ideologies....weird??

not at all. i think we all look for different things in life and while what i seek may seem as weird to is a longing for me that is yet to be found.

now, put those characteristics in a person with penis, bubble butt, nice legs and strong arms......OH MY!

ever  seen butter on a hot plate....that would be me...!

until then....

i'd settle for butter in the fridge..


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I Just dont Get Married Men!

 i find it increasingly difficult to understand married man.

ages ago jeans were invented. in the same way ages ago, im sure this married guy in my office used to wear them.

wether or not he is straight, bi or gay trapped in a straight man's body, attracted to me, i do not know..

but judging from his body, im sure he has a slight inclination to gaydom!!!

why i say so???

im sure at this point, my readers are very well aware that im going go start with a lengthy, speechy explanation...

hah!!! or maybe im NOT going to afterall.

its simple. this guys already has two kids. but he doesnt have a beer belly.. yeah i know its normal, he could be an athlete or so.... u might think..this is where i tell u he's not. he doesnt really have friends at the Site. pretty much by himself all the time. doesnt go out after office hours so that narrows jerking off to a sport that prevents beer belly....or maybe not!

this guy always dresses up articulately. even for someone who works at Site. 

yeah, yeah i know, theres nothing wrong with dressing articulately if someone works at the site...

of course, i can almost hear the, this is when i tell u why its so weird.

this guy wears slacks to site. going to a land where sand, mud, red soil and dust is abundant, is wearing slacks really a smart choice?

that brings us to the topic of the day. we ARE aware that jeans were invented ages ago. so why does he keep wearing that slacks oh ever so proudly??. 

hehehe keep reading...

in the mean time:

no belly>>check, 
no man boobs>>check, 
nice butt>>oh my CHECK CHECK CHECK!!!

so this guy is old fashioned, that doesnt mean he is gay DUDE!!!!

enough with the whining already....

now i tell u why i wish think he is gay....

he always tucks his shirt tucked into his pants which accentuates his juicy big butt....if that is considered normal, 

why does he always lean forward in front of me? there are so many places where he could read the newspaper and the desk outside my room has a chair tucked beneath it...why lean over with the butt pointed at me in his butt accentuating pants??? every day, every time?

>>unresolved mystery.

everytime he passes my room he cant help taking a glance into my room....

and he is always so shy when he talks to me. he smiles always so sheepishly.....couldnt finish a sentence without smiling and, or giggling....

come on dude, all these and bending over, how could anyone be more suggestive....just take off your pants and let me do u bloody married man!!!

if only he wasnt married with kids i would have 'accidentally' molested that married ass of his, or pretend to bump into him when he is in his towel all wet after he came out from the shower or what the hell just pull the towel off, push him on the table and have a good, scratch that >> a GREAT time...

what can i say, im just a man who has needs...and imagine the kind of torture i have to endure on daily basis to do my job...

seriously guys he just needs to come to his senses and realize that there are so many different cuts of jeans available and he can just pick one that fits snugly to his ass and make my fetish come difficult can that be??

in the mean time, i just dont get married men....
do marriages really kill the fashion sense in these men?

im not judging but if there is one thing that convinces me that this guys is indeed straight despite the giggles, smiles, ass strutting and stuff is the obvious and disgusting fact that he doesnt trim or shave his pubes, which he o so proudly leaves on the bowl after taking a leak...or having a 'private' moment with his Jhonny Little..ewww!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Just Give it a Thought

 i dont think it is a fetish.
i also dont think its an issue of being afraid of commitment. 

more often than not, i find myself in situations where i can get along really well with some guys but the physical relationship is not so....

well, lets just say not an orgasmic explosion at the finish line. 

at other times, the communication is at so so level but the sex...can be at a totally different level. the touch, caressing the kissses....theres just a connection that transcends the barriers of communication... 

no, im not rooting for poligamy...wait...hold that thought....poligamy....???

what is so wrong with poligamy if each individual in the relationship can commit themselves to the benefit of each other, offering different kind of expertise in the things that matter. health, fashion, career, monetary, emotional, physical...>> all aspects of life.

are we so closed to the idea of more than two person in the relationship that we are totally unaware the potential benefits that such relationship can offer. yes, even for straight couple poligamy is not legal and and frowned upon. all im saying, in homosexual relationship where we cant really build a family (at least in this country) would it be so impossible to even consider the idea of a few men being there for each other fulfilling each other's needs and call it a committed relationship?

it is really not about guy A: SEX, guy B: MONEY, guy C: COOK...not not at all....its more like. guy A is really down, guy B is busy with work, guy C takes care of guy A and vice verse.

call me crazy but im open to the idea. different guys fulfilling the different needs on an individual..

i believe i am capable of giving equal attention, care and love so whats the issue really?

and im not really talking about 'varieties' in bed. or maybe i am....most gay men engage in threesome or more anyways in the name of open relationship. how much weirder could it get if one has threesome and call it a committed relationship?

dont get me wrong, im not against good ol fashioned relationship, its just that i just havent found the complete package. the one person who can challenge me mentally, emotionally and physically..maybe challenge is not the right word...match perhaps...

in that instance, i dont think it would be so wrong to opt for a package deal? a little bit of this, a little bit of that..tolerating each other's differences..

on the issue of faithfulness..

three is a crowd, yes we have all heard that a weird way, i think it would be easier to be faithful since there is always an extra pair of eyes to 'monitor' so to speak...of course faithfulness is something that begins from within..not something that comes from a watchdog.

just a thought.
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