Im attracted to men and im not ashamed of it..

Im attracted to men and im not ashamed of it..

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

This is Random

somehow im torn between writing a new post and continuing my previous posts the spirit of writing something new, exciting and fresh...

i started wondering what i should be writing about. obviously there are a lot of guys who read these articles and lets face it, we all love sex...

articles related to sex, jokes related to sex, clothing related to sex, taking off clothes which is related to sex, having sex and sex sex sex!

on a lighter note, im thinking if i should write about the happenings around me or the political issues in Malaysia>>wait a minute, now that could be an elaborate joke related to sex as well...

how about my personal experiences...or something related to my naughty thoughts or behaviours.....(not that i have have lots of them that warrants me a place in the perverts hall of fame)

still attempting to focus my thoughts into writing something nice after not posting an article in gazillion years i get distracted by the fact that i have not done my workout and it is now almost 1.5 hours after my last meal.

that means i can procrastinate for another half hour before i absolutely have to work out..

i have recently discovered the faces behind my morning crew voices and realized that ean looks adorable...

theres something about his personality that is fresh and i find that to be really attractive...

i think is funny, witty and monkey like...monkeyness can be addictive and fresh..seriously!

then i realize sometimes he becomes to monkey like and commands too much attention..not very cool...just wanna smack him in put him in chains! kinky!

other than that i think everyone could use a little of his freshness and free spiritedness...its way better than mundane routine and boring people!

im not going to post any of his pictures here for obvious reason of not wanting to face a lawsuit. but feel free to google him or what the hell......whats life without a little risk risk right?? (although certain risks are not worth taking, and i encourage people who do not want eans photo in this post to have the balls to ask me to take them down..)

when a blogger takes weekly interval to post an article, does that indicate that the blog is dying...maybe the blog is seriously ill...because people to get frustrated when new materials are not posted on regular basis.

i noticed that many of my readers are not from malaysia. i find it ironic. for those reading this from the States, you guys rock and my fellow malaysians....................

>>you guys rock as well. i love all of you equally...

heres something to think about:
whenever parents have more than one kid and they are asked which child the like the most and they respond by saying the love all the children equally...
isnt that a big fat lie??

 i still love my readers equally, EQUALLY!

i have a sentiment when i watch series..dont know how to exactly put them in words..i get too engrossed in the characters and cant help but to feel like like a part of my life coming to a halt when some of the series that i really liked come to an end..

take the F.R.I.E.N.D.S series for an instance. the last scene in the series finale where all the cast members leave their keys was so difficult to watch because it meant that something that i so dearly enjoyed has ended...ugly betty, ally mcbeal, heroes, prison break....they seem to have the same effect on me..

kinda stupid to think of it really as these characters are fictional..

but i do have to admit the sense of longingness when i watch FRIENDS and wishing that i have such closely knit fun group of friends to hang out with

seems like i have not written about anything in particular, rather random rambling..
to sum it up, im gonna post some eye candy coz obviously we all love them.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Lazy weekend

since the weekend is fast approaching, why not indulge in our favourite thing>>MEN!

 heres a sexy animal to be lustfully and passionately tamed throughout the weekend.

then the is the cute face with the sexy body to look at all day long...guessing wats inside the clothed area is an alternative game. 

 then there are those who look just irresistible in their swim trunk. the trunk would be wet not from the sea but from drool...other bodily liquids optional.

for some a little attitude quickly becomes an aphrodisiac 

who needs a bed when u can mount be on this all weekend??

and then there are those whom u just cant resist touching!! happy weekend folks!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Mindblowing >> Not in a good way

after a million years of not writing an entry, i think its about time i write one. ive been backed up with work and a little freaked out at how people keep dying lately. its a friend's relative or relative of a relative, friend of friends and so on...

it almost feels like lately, people just drop dead and die. i dont know if anyone else is going through it but things get really stressful when the phone rings.. 

its no longer a hotty calling just to say hi. instead the news is of someone who has said BYE>>Forever!

lets face it, when things get down to be like the chipsmore cookies, now u see it, now u dont....i does get a lil freaky.

on a freakier note, the request / demand for my wedding is taking a more serious note. my aunts are getting nosier and trying to fix me up with pretty girls..

its just that i like penis more. ..penis and butt...penis butt and nice legs..penis butt legs and chest...penis butt legs chest and abs...JUST GIVE ME A MAN RIGHT NOW ON BED!

i just dont know how to convey that there any way to convey it in a subtle way?.

maybe i should start wearing nail polish, lipstick, anklet, carry a handbag or tight white pants with white sunglasses and white shoes. would it then be more obvious that i prefer a hot guy over a curvaceous chick?.

how about wearing a bra??

 i saw the sickest thing on the internet. there are actually bras being manufactured for male and being sold on the internet. these are available in Malaysia too..


why would a guy want to wear a bra???

on that note, why would a guy want to wear panties?? >>of course thats a totally different blog entry.

i can understand if a guy feels like a woman and he wears make up and dress up in women's clothes...he just wants to be a woman. thats allright but why a guy who only wants to wear a BRA??

MINDBLOWING> not in a good way.
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