Im attracted to men and im not ashamed of it..

Im attracted to men and im not ashamed of it..

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

bullet train or choo choo train..?

yes its a brand new day with a brand new date..

how did i get so into someone so quickly?

what could it possibly be? is it his charm, goodlooks or wit? but of course i cant openly admit it to him. hes cute and everything but he is a bitch. he would tease me, make fun of me and make me regret i ever told him.

my balls are to big to be put in that situation. but seriously? theres hope for a relationship with men? i find myself liking it too quickly and breaking an exit too soon. why is that so? if the guy is too humble, i feel he is not up to having a decent conversation with me. but hey, if hes too cocky, i wanna show my bigger than your ball attidude. could there ever be a common ground for us to co exist?

or should that be a sacrifice...?to subside and make the best of what is available. then the train slows down, its not interesting anymore but the train gets you to places and its better than walking. i need a bullet train. an interesting, fast and exciting train for all my journeys.

please dont make me settle down for a choo choo train...

a man or a puppy?

i saw a puppy. it was tiny, cute, warm and fuzzy.

i went near it, the mommy came to me wagging its tail. the mommy used to be my puppy at home.

now the mommy has given birth to a new puppy.

well thats not the point of my story here...kind of obvious isnt it..?

why would people be interested in reading about puppy from a guy who is in his underwear..

now thats a really tricky thing isnt it...

im clad only in my underwear, so does that mean i have to talk about sex all the time..?

or am i supposed to welcome topics about sex all the time?

or should i be overwhelmingly pleased whem ppl want to give me blowjobs?

ok i admit, i do get overwhelmed by that request!! but that doesnt mean ive got to talk abt it to every tom, dick and harry.

i have my preferences and i am a human being who has 'needs' so that means i get to get my needs fulfilled to who i want to and not the world.

especially to those who dont have their own picture...

come on SERIOUSLY theres only one tom cruise, one brad pitt and one dicaprio

dont they have any shame!!?

now now, lets not go there

im sure the many of u who are reading would get offended...well whats life without a little offends ??

now back to my point...

puppies made me warm and fuzzy, but i somehow am not able to connect to people the way i connect to puppies

people can talk and they can project their emotions through words but its easier to communicate to puppies

puppies dont say a thing and mean the other

the dont pretend to lick your face so that you would give it your biscuit

it wont wag your tail so that u would b its friend

friends as depicted in the famous series are not true in real life

i work hard, achieved a good position in my company but there are so many who are more jealous than happy over this

why dont they have the balls to achieve something, i will never know but jealousy is so last century..

given a choice, i take puppies over man any time?

wouldnt u do the same?

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