Im attracted to men and im not ashamed of it..

Im attracted to men and im not ashamed of it..

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

The Thousand Steps Journey – Part 1

It was a late Saturday evening and our last few sentences went like this:

“We are not really saying goodbye are we?”
“Hmm I don’t feel like going clubbing again today”
“So we are saying goodbye then..”
Quick embrace..

The 1000 steps journey to Backstagee Inn from Hemingway was all that was needed to put things into perspective.

I came for this holiday with very little preparation. Hotels, activities and tourist spots we all planned at the very end ..

I had very little time to digest what this holiday was about to be..i knew very little about Phuket, about the culture and even about travelling alone for the first time..all I knew during the limited time I had to prepare for this trip was..i had to do travel by myself for the first time..
Unprepared and without expectations, I set out for the holiday.

Many a times the idea of travelling alone was presented to me directly and indirectly from friends and internet. I always thought what’s with all the fuss and dramatization of having to travel alone.. I mean a holiday is still a holiday alone or not.

Now, having had the first hand experience of, the journey is somewhat different from what I have read about.

Personally it feels like silencing the noise in an overly crowded room where each individual is trying to get their opinions across.

One guy says you should do it this way, it is the best for you and across the room, the other guy says screw that, he knows nothing about what hes should do it like this…only to find another person showing his ideas down your throat…

So what do you do? Who do you listen to when you don’t know yourself what you want?
You should pause and hit the mute button. Some peace and quiet to figure it all out..the choices are out there, you just need some peace and quiet to decide.
To think, to breathe and to decide. Sometimes we learn a lot more by observing without the excessive crowd and noise.

I do admit that this trip has not changed me to a Dalai Lama..but I also know that I am neither a Dalai Nothing..

I still haven’t got it all figured out..but hey Greek was not built in 1 day also a Greek god was not made in one day (Greek God, Lick Lick).

I am glad that I have already laid the first stone.
During this trip there was no pretence, no obligations and no expectations to satisfy anyone’s needs and desires but mine.

The journey before the 1000 steps started on the afternoon I landed in Phuket.
Bzztttt..bzzttt..just checked in at Aquarius…barely reached my room on the third floor and my phone already started to vibrate incessantly..

How exciting…i had a big broad smile on my face. I must be irresistible to the Thais and tourists….just imagine the moment I connected to the internet and the messages came pouring in…
Well well, booking a hotel in paradise complex was a right decision afterall..feeling excited and to an extent, sexcited I put my phone on the tv…

It was one of those moments… when you know what the vibration means tonnes of at Grindr and Jack’d the moment you check into the hotel..

I was euphoric…had a little hardon..but of course I would to not let it get to me.
I went like… yeah yeah I know im busy now..will check later when I’m free..kinda playing hard to get..

3 minutes, my will power lasted…screw unpacking and resting..i grabbed my phone in 1 quick motion… there were 326 messages on my phone…WOW!

But neither were from Grindr and Jack’d…they were from Whatsapp… Damn you Whatsapp groups…!!! L

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