Im attracted to men and im not ashamed of it..

Im attracted to men and im not ashamed of it..

Friday, April 17, 2015

The Thousand Steps Journey – Part 4

It was a man with a flat chest…

The German Guy and I excused ourselves and did our own things afterwards…
I came to the hotel to call it a day..

The german guy went to a local boys room to get free massage and more than that..
The massage was free for him since that boy was learning how to massage..lucky him!

The next day, as usual I woke up and had my breakfast..the well-equipped gym was very inviting.. I pumped some iron while one of the boy in the gym kept looking..

Of course I took my shirt a little later.

The thing about Phuket and travelling alone is that you get to do anything you want and anytime you want as long as it didn’t intrude others around you..

Post breakfast, Kor and I decided to go to the beach..

Kor wanted to get tan as humanly possible..being Asian I had little interest on it..we hired an umbrella with a mat and settled down gazing..

Grinding and getting a tan, we noticed that there were some aged Caucasian men on the beach near our umbrella..

We were constantly being stared at. It was initially fun being looked like that but maybe because we were not attracted to them it became slightly uncomfortable..

So we decided to go for a walk instead..we basically talked about anything in the sun.
He told me about his boyfriend and what prompted him to travel alone while I shared my part of the story..

Coming back to our umbrella, we noticed the elder guy’s head was again turned toward us, and even though he was wearing sunglasses, we could tell that he mentally undressed and licked our bodies…OVER and OVER and OVER AGAIN..

There were plenty of man candies around. Some were built to perfection and had handsome faces..some had both..BITCHES!

On the contrary, the elder Caucasian next to us was not fit, had sun burn and was only wearing a thong. That was shocking!

Grinding and tanning at the beach we were later joined by 2 more guys at the beach.

The first 1 was a local guy. Hot tattooed body with a handsome face. He couldn’t really make up his mind if he wanted to meet us..first he didn’t want to come, then he decided to come..eventually we met..he didn’t talk much.. we couldn’t tell if he was bored, didn’t understand English or was just too conscious of his surroundings..

Well, even though he was a local, he has never been to paradise complex or the gay beach..i assumed that he wanted to enjoy himself but was dominated by his inhibitions…

The second guy however was Rishi. Rishi and Kor met the night before while clubbing after the German guy and I took off…

If I understand correctly, Rishi and Kor were supposed to bang one another that night but Kor got too engrossed in the drag show…a fact we came to learn during dinner (all 4 of us) that night.
The hot local boy just didn’t fit in and left in the evening.

At the beach, Rishi and I could not help but to talk about the elderly guy with a thong.. I said that I  hope I would not turn out to be like him when I age and Rishi said the same thing…it was a sad stage to end like that in the golden years..all alone and desperate for attention..we didn’t quite figure out how he came to that state but we promised ourselves that we would not become one.

So Rishi became the fourth member in our small circle of friends.

Rishi was from UK but working and staying in Hong Kong. A lawyer by profession, he was a really good singer and good conversationalist. He was funny and fun to be around with.

Kor on the other hand was very warm and caring. Kor took the trouble to book Simon cabaret and my pickup from hotel to airport on Sunday. Kor had recently ended a relationship has never travelled alone before. He was the glue which stuck us together.

The German guy was a backpacker having travelled in south east Asia. I admire how he was able to leave his job and travel for an extended period of time. He told me that he met many people who happen to backpack and most of the times people come up with many excuses for not doing it. He keeps a journal where he wrote down his thoughts and ideals. When I asked him how he had the means to travel, he told me that he was working in Australia for a while and saved his earnings for the backpacking adventure. He wasn’t doing the hardcore backpacking but was more to hotel / hostel backpacking. Admirable.

He has a strong believe system and is vocal about his opinions. The German guy actually confronted an elderly guy at the OK bar for groping a local Thai boy. He refused to tell us the exact words he said to the elderly guy but that was just who he was.. we didn’t quite get his actions. Kor said it was probably a German thing, but the way I see it, 

Phuket is basically a place for sex tourism..people consciously become escorts to earn a living and this is widely reported at many websites on the internet..

i was upset at the elderly guy too for groping the young boy but truth be told, the young boy didn’t seem to object or squirm…he probably was aware of whats happening to him..

Yes, it is true, like in the fur business, when the buying stops the killing does as well..if everyone stops encouraging this behaviour then it would stop. Until then and not knowing the boy’s story, how are we to judge??

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