Im attracted to men and im not ashamed of it..

Im attracted to men and im not ashamed of it..

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

The Thousand Steps Journey – Part 2

Slightly pissed and alot disappointed..i said to myself in dismay: you’ve got to be kidding me.
This is Paradise Complex how could there be no messages from Grindr and Jack’d..not even 1??!!
Aren’t I a reasonably attractive guy…don’t tell me it is just my imagination…seriously? L

Big broad smile and playing hard were quick to vanish….

Consoling myself, I said: its okay..its only the first 5 minutes.
I guess theres nothing much left to do than actually unpacking..BUMMER!

So, I put the phone back on the tv and began surveying the
room.. hmm not bad, then something caught my attention.

The curtain at the opposite room was slightly open..could this be the redeeming adventure ? a visually stimulating sight..

Using my xray vision I found that they were just sleeping… double BUMMER..

On the other hand, the room that I’ve got was clean, with plenty of towels, spick and span bathroom, there was an odour from the drain hole but with the bathroom door being closed, the odour was successfully contained.

This hotel came equipped with a pool, Jacuzzi and sauna..after 3 pm the entire area would be closed off and everyone could go skinny dipping.

The rooms are loaded with snacks on the coffee table and fridge. If u decide to have someone as
snack, the coffee table also comes equipped with necessary peripherals; packet of lube and condom..hmm…come to papa….!!

It didn’t take much long to unpack and get settled in..there were many tv channels to pick from..the only off thing about this hotel is that the furniture and décor is outdated for about 15 years…it is now time to lay down…shirt of and arghhhhhhhhhhhhhh…comfort..

Laying on the bed, I reached out again to my phone..
guess what?? I got my smile and cockiness back!

There were plenty of messages on both Grindr and Jack’d…sexyyy..
As usual the array of messages consisted of many of whom who have and still asking the same questions…

How are you..?
Where are you from…?
Top or bottom?...
You know the drill………..
There were also some new ones…
Fun? Not for free…

Im not judging………well maybe a little but, DUDE I don’t pay for sex.
Bored with the same questions…and the same responses…I did something differently.

Hi, what do u seek…?
I went: Hangout buddy…
 “Mat I see your face?”
“Show me your body, ill show you my face”

I wasn’t expecting any reply after that since it was obvious what we both wanted…I just wanted him to say it first………instead of not getting a reply, I got a reply:

“Would you like to meetup?”

Hmm that was strange, I thought…then again what do I have to lose..i was travelling alone and we would meet at a public place..if he turns out to be a rapist I could run for myself (or enjoy it instead?? definitely run for my life).

We continued exchanging a few more messages and finalized our meeting place..

Venue: Promenade
Time: 8pm
Clothing: Optional….! Whoops it’s illegal to be nude in Thai..

Already starving from workout and “workout” at the sauna, I had my dinner first at Promenade while waiting for him.

There were a bunch of cute girls from Singapore at nearby table..i saw one of them giving me the eye..i was sitting behind their table so everytime I looked up, I saw her head turned and looking at my direction…naughty little kitten she was…

Kor finally came after a while…we exchanged pleasantries and were initially very polite..It turned out that he too was travelling alone for the first time.

Kor said he was not that hungry and just wanted to take a light dinner. I told him that’s okay with me as I already had my dinner.

“Would you mind if a German guy I met joins us for dinner?” I said “Sure, no problem at all”.

So we made a move from Promenade to Bangla street where The German Guy stayed.

The atmosphere at Bangla Street was electrifying. There were street shows already at 9 ish which were free to attract people into the clubs..there were girls doing the pole dancing all trying to attract people to the clubs.

Some of the clubs employed Caucasians to hand out coupons which entitles free entrance..those chicks were pretty hot..

Ping pong shows were also offered to anyone and everyone walking on the street being that is where the straight people hung out.

Ping pong is nothing like table tennis…it is a live sex show on stage where you enjoy ..sort of like going for the movies with beer and popcorn but instead if they fart, you could actually smell the aroma….hey, same like XD show at Jungceylon…sadly enough no pong pong or ping ping shows were offered on the streets.

We had to wait for abit for the German guy to put his makeup….ok not make up…to settle his things before he came out to meet us..he was tall..way taller than me..

We said hi to one another and headed to nearby street hunting for dinner…

We found a restaurant with life band and our ears got serviced…serviced good…imagine a overhaul with variety of music which were not quite pleasant.

For some reasons, the 3 of us just clicked. Our dinner conversation went from where we were from, how long our stay was, careers, relationships, religion, future, believes, checking out guys and many other things.

There were no awkward moments or pauses.
We talked for an hour or so and headed to the ‘sin city’ where all the bodily pleasures for the night were slowly and steadily unfolding and waiting for our arrival……………

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