Im attracted to men and im not ashamed of it..

Im attracted to men and im not ashamed of it..

Thursday, April 16, 2015

The Thousand Steps Journey – Part 3

Acquainted for less than 3 hours, we were perfect strangers with a lot of differences. We came from different countries, cultures and backgrounds. Somehow we instantly clicked.

Initially, I thought my 4 days 5 nights holiday would be a standstill but gradually it became certain that it is going to be different.

After dinner, we walked to paradise complex, with drinks on our hands we went from 1 club to another.

The first club we went there was a live sex show..(you like the sound of that don’t you!!! I bet you are going to continue reading now)…

When we entered, it was the last 2 minutes of it and we didn’t catch much of it. It wasn’t vulgar or anything since it was dark and we couldn’t see anyone’s danglers dangling…seemed to me that it was more an act and action.

A little later, we noticed that Kor in particular just lovessssss the drag shows..

He seems to be fascinated by them. He would give these ladyboys drooling know in the cartoons when the bear is hungry and looks at something and it turns into delicious food with trails of deliciousness coming from it….

Yes the ladyboys were Kor’s food . He couldn’t take his eyes of them…German guy and I became amused when he said “it looks like real boobs” or “SOO BIG!!” or “I wanna suck those mangoes….”..ok he didn’t really say sucking the mangoes..

There were times too where Kor would say in a thick British accent: Owhh man shes just sooo beauutiifullll… German guy and I would look at each other and just shake our heads.... secretly thinking......must be his dirty little fetish!!!

The drag show goes till the wee hours... around 1am, during elaborate dance n lip syncking made some seductive moves and suddenly popped her bra and threw it on the was i shocked to see whats beneath or wat.....he had these.......

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